Weather Station History

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The weather station hardware was purchased in 2010 (Davis Vantage Vue) and 2014 (Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless). In March of 2015, I relocated to North Augusta, South Carolina. I joined CoCoRaHS in March, 2015 and was assigned Station SC-AK-64 North Augusta 2.4N. In November, 2015, I relocated once again within North Augusta, South Carolina and was assigned CoCoRaHS Station SC-AK-68, North Augusta 1.6SSW. In January, 2017, I relocated to the present location Graniteville, South Carolina 1.2NE SC-AK-75. In November, 2017, a daytime fan aspirated shield was installed on the Davis Vantage Pro2.

On 23JAN2017, manual observations commenced. Precipitation is observed at 0700 hours daily. Temperature and other parameters are observed at 1800 hours daily. In January, 2018, a PURPLEAIR.COM PMS5003 Laser Particle Counter was installed to monitor "backyard" air quality. In February, 2018, a wooden Stevenson Screen was installed to protect non-electronic weather instruments. On March 16, 2018, the 2010 Davis Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) was replaced. The "old" ISS was in service for 7 1/2 years. On March 24, 2018, an Evapotranspiration Gauge was installed to record ET Data. On March 29, 2018, Solar and UV radiation sensors were installed to upgrade the 2014 Davis Vantage Pro2 to Pro2Plus. On April 4, 2018, GreggParkSC Station was added to the Davis WeatherLink network.

On 5JUN2018, National Weather Service Cooperative Observer Station GRANITEVILLE 1.2NE was approved by the National Weather Service, Eastern Division and initiated. On 6JUN2018, daily observations of liquid and solid precipitation, snowfall depth, present and past weather commenced 0700 hours EDT. On 15JUN2018, the National Weather Service, Columbia, South Carolina (KCAE) installed the NIMBUS Maximum Mininimum Temperature System (MMTS) in my back yard. On 16JUN2018, I became an Amateur Radio Operator (Technician) and My Vanity Call Sign is KC4SRA. On 14AUG2018, a NWS 8-inch rain gauge was installed. On 21AUG2018, CSRA Weather was approved as a WEATHER-READY NATION AMBASSADOR.

On 14NOV2018, Installed Maximum and Minimum Liquid-In-Glass Thermometers with the Townsend Support in the Instrument Shelter. On 10APR20, an AMBIENT WEATHER WS-2000 OSPREY Electronic Weather Station was installed. Weather station data is broadcasted on the AMIBIENTWEATHER.NET Data server. On 29APR20, an AIR QUALITY EGG sensor with an outdoor base was installed in the NWS Cotton Region Instrument Shelter. On 01MAY20, this station began monitoring Air Quality pollutants of CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2), and OZONE (O3).

On 10MAY20, the National Weather Service Forecast Office located in Columbia, South Carolina (KCAE), approved this station (GNTS1) to observe and record Evapotranspiration (ET0) and SOIL TEMPERATURE at four inches below sod. On 20MAY20, a soil temperature sensor was installed on the Davis Vantage Pro II Plus Station. On 20JUN20, a Davis Instruments WATERMARK soil moisture sensor was installed. On 04JUL20, an AMBIENT WEATHER WS-2000 OSPREY was installed and sending data to AMBIENT WEATHER.NET. On 31JUL20, a WEATHERFLOW TEMPEST was installed. On 15JUN22, a AMBIENT WEATHER WS-5000 weather station was installed and sending data to AMBIENTWEATHER.NET. On 28JUN22, an Evaporation pan with totalizing anemometer was installed.