Weather News/Blog-Volume I

20 APR 2021 Rainfall for April MTD is 0.02 inches. Extremely dry conditions have prompted the NWS WFO in Columbia, S.C. to issue FIRE WARNING Statements in the CSRA.

22 APR 2021 A wildfire has started 1/4 statute mile East of this station on Trolley Line Road this morning. Visibility was reduced to less than 1/4 statute mile at this station. The fire department thought it was under control, but has restarted later this evening. The PURPLE AIR sensor readings were between 400 to 550 in the 'HAZARDOUS" range.

24 APR 2021 A extra-tropical low pressure storm system propagated from the the Eastern Slope of the Rockies, into the Great Plains, Southern Mississippi River Valley Northeastward through the Mid-Atlantic States bringing heavy rain showers and thunderstorms to the CSRA Region today. 1.32 inches of rainfall accumulated in a 24 hour period. Very much needed! MTD rainfall = 1.34 inches which is -1.93 inches below normal.

26 APR 2021 Check out the Webcam Daily Timelapse Images webpage and the WINDY.COM webcam under "WEBCAMS"!

01 MAY 2021 Installed US EPA Air Quality Flag Program. Local conditions becoming mildly dry due to lack of accumulated rainfall. April rainfall = 1.34 inches which is 1.93 inches below normal. Soil moisture is now in "IRRIGATION NEEDED" range.

15 MAY 2021 An interesting month, to say the least! A blocking High Pressure System parked over the Carolinas for the last two weeks of May. This station has recorded 18 consecutive days of no measurable precipitation. Installed WEATHER-DISPLAY as the weather station hardware. Still working out the "kinks". WXSIM has been installed for more accurate local forecasts. Still working out the "kinks" as well. STAY-TUNED!

07 JUNE 2021 A thunderstorm complex propagated over the CSRA Region today with heavy rainfall and occasional cloud-to-ground and inner-cloud lightning. Rainfall accumulation totaled 3.59 inches (electronically measured) and 2.99 inches (NWS 8-inch Non-Recording gauge).

07 JULY 2021 The month of June was complicated. Trying to configure CumulusMX and have really struggled with configuration and operating system issues. Due to June monthly rainfall being +1.44 inches above normal, local conditions have become MILDLY WET. On 06JUL2021, the 2014 Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 Plus temperature and humidity sensor was replaced. The Vantage Pro 2 Console Firmware was also updated to Version 3.88. Currently, Tropical Storm Elsa is moving North in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico and has gained strength to almost Cat 1 Hurricane status. I will update after the storm propagates through the CSRA Region.

18 JULY 2021 Tropical Depression Elsa storm total rainfall = 0.87 inches. The CSRA Region remained West of most rainfall accumulations which occurred North and East of the storm center.

30 AUGUST 2021 An interesting month to say the least. Struggles with CumulusMX continue. The CSRA Region did not receive tropical rainfall due to most of the active weather remained West of this station.

16 SEPTEMBER 2021 Tropical Depression Nicholas propagates Northeastward through the CSRA Region. Here are some interesting rainfall statistics which occurred at this station: Davis VP2Plus 24 hour rainfall = 6.22 inches. Storm Rainfall Total = 7.44 inches. Weatherflow Tempest 24 hour rainfall = 5.47 inches. Storm Total = 6.62 inches. NWS COOP 8" Official 24 hour Rainfall = 4.85 inches. Official Storm Total Rainfall = 6.47 inches. Observed unusual flooding in the Aiken, South Carolina area.

17 SEPTEMBER 2021 FINALLY was successful in configuring CUMULUSMX! Refer to the left fly-out menu to access the webpage "CUMULUSMX"

18 OCTOBER 2021 My 2014 Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus Flagship station crashed and burned (The Daytime FARS Assembly). The decision was made to replace my flagship station with a 2021 Davis Instruments Vantage Pro 2 Plus (Wireless) with a 24-hour FARS. Unfortunately, I had to wait nearly seven days to receive my new station, which has created gaps in my climate data beyond my control (10OCT through 18OCT2021). Temperatures and liquid precipitation data (From both electronic and NWS COOP Sensors) were near normal. Mean Temperature = 61F Normal Mean Temperature = 66F Monthly Rainfall = 2.62 inches Normal Rainfall = 2.90 inches Departure From Normal = -0.28 inches.

05 NOVEMBER 2021 - The first week of November was chilly. On 05NOV2021, the high temperature of 51F was recorded. Which is 15 degrees below normal (66F). Peak Fall Foliage is occurring in the CSRA Region now. Beautiful colors!

19 NOVEMBER 2021 - Point of Maximum Lunar Eclipse occurred at 0400 hours EST. The longest lunar eclipse this century and the past 580 years! It was a beautiful full red BEAVER MOON!

NOVEMBER 2021 - November Rainfall = 0.33 inches which is -3.04 inches below normal. The driest month since records began January, 2017. Local conditions have become MODERATELY DRY with a threat of WILDFIRE conditions and the issuance of a NWS SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT in regards to the elevated FIRE DANGER conditions in the CSRA Region.

DECEMBER 2021 - The first week of December starts out as diurnal temperatures rebound to "spring-like" conditions. The High temperature forecasted for today (Thursday 02DEC2021) and tomorrow (Friday 03DEC2021) are in the mid to upper 70's F. The National Weather Service Weather Forecast Office in Columbia (KCAE) has issued a SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT for this afternoon (Thursday, 02DEC2021)as prevailing dry with low humidity conditions prompt ELEVATED FIRE DANGER CONDITIONS in the CSRA Region.

11 DECEMBER and 12 DECEMBER 2021 - Winter Storm Atticus propagated through the Lower Mississippi River and Ohio River Valley Regions spawning record breaking tornadic thunderstorms from Monette, Arkansas through Southern Indiana Friday Night 10DEC2021. This same system propagated throughout the CSRA Region (11DEC2021). No severe weather was observed. Storm Total Rainfall = 0.93 inches.

DECEMBER 2021 - The last two weeks of December were warmer than normal almost as high as 20 degrees above normal! Daily Maximum Temperature records were broken 27 DECEMBER (76F), 29 DECEMBER (76F) 30 DECEMBER (77F) and 31 DECEMBER (70F). The Daily Maximum Temperature record was tied on 28 DECEMBER (72F). Thunderstorms with heavy rainfall occurred 30 DECEMBER with a storm total rainfall = 2.72 inches. Minor flooding was observed. December Rainfall = 6.77 inches which is +2.48 inches above normal. Annual Rainfall 2021 = 57.19 inches which is +6.25 inches above normal.

JANUARY 2022 - The new year began with continued record breaking warm and humid conditions. 01 JANUARY Record High Maximum Temperature = 73F.

15 JANUARY THROUGH 17 JANUARY 2022 - Winter Storm Izzy propagated Eastward through the CSRA Region with Heavy Rain, thunderstorms in the vicinity, then turning into mixed wintry precipitation (RAIN WITH ICE PELLETS) on 16 JANUARY 2022. No Ice Accretion and Snowfall accumulations were observed. In the early morning hours of 17 JANUARY 2022, the cold frontal passage (FROPA) occurred and at 1822 Hours Zulu time (1:22 PM EST), a PEAK WIND GUST of WEST @ 25 KNOTS was measured and reported. The last time this station received any snowfall accumulation, was 19 FEBRUARY 2018, a TRACE snowfall was measured. As of yesterday, 19 JANUARY 2022, the SNOW DROUGHT at this station continues at 1,429 days and counting.

21 JANUARY THROUGH 23 JANUARY 2022 - Winter Storm Jasper was the culprit, folks! The snow drought at this station (since 19FEB2018) has ended. This station received a wintry mix of light freezing rain, ice pellets (sleet), light snow grains with a few snow flurries from 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM EST, on the night of 21 JANUARY 2022. The following observations were recorded and reported the morning of 22 JANUARY 2022: Rain and melted snow past 24 hours = 0.24 inches. New Snowfall measured on snowboard = 3/16" / 0.02" / TRACE. Snowboard Core Water Equivalent = 0.08 " / TRACE. Total Snow and Ice on Ground (snowpack) = TRACE. Ice Accretion Accumulation (freezing rain) = TRACE.

JANUARY 2022 - Monthly total rainfall = 3.32 inches which is -1.24 inches below normal. Local conditions remain NEAR NORMAL.

01 FEBRUARY 2022 - I passed the Drone Remote Pilot Test yesterday scoring 90%! I am now a FAA CERTIFIED DRONE REMOTE PILOT.

09 FEBRAURY 2022 - The actual "sensor siting" of my Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus anemometer is not at the specified height of 32.8 Feet AGL (above ground level). I installed a 1 3/8" diameter galvanized steel top-rail fence post without guy wires and grounding equipment, to a height of 18 feet AGL. Folks, that's the best I can do for my specific location. I consider my anemometer data to be "REPRESENTATIVE".

FEBRUARY 2022 - Monthly Rainfall = 2.45 inches which is -1.88 inches below normal. Rainfall Year-To-Date = 5.79 inches which is -3.10 inches below normal.

March 2022 - Monthly rainfall so far = 2.71 inches, which is -1.98 inches below normal. Rainfall Year-To-Date = 8.50 inches, which is -5.08 inches below normal (through 01 APR 2022). Local conditions have SLIGHTLY rebounded to NEAR NORMAL.

APRIL 2022 - During the first week of the month, on the 6th and 7th, this station received 4.30 inches of liquid precipitation, which is +1.22 above normal for the month SO FAR! On the 16th, 17th and 18th, another round of storms brought in another 0.91 inches / 5.25 inches / +2.17 inches above normal for April. Since 19APRIL2022, this station has received 0.07 inches of liquid precipitation. Local conditions have reverted back to MILDLY DRY.