Weather News/Blog-Volume II

MAY 2022 - Mean Temperature and liquid precipitation for the month were both slightly above normal. Mean Temperature was +2.1 degrees above normal (warmer) and monthly liquid precipitation = 4.29 inches, which is +0.76 inches above normal (wetter). This station received most of the monthly total in the third week of the month due to a broad area of low pressure with tropical rainfall which propagated Northeastward from the Gulf of Mexico, through the CSRA region. 3.10 inches of rainfall was measured and recorded. During the first 3 weeks of the month, this station received only 1.19 inches of liquid precipitation. Local conditions became MILDLY TO MODERATELY DRY. Of course, during the third week of the month, I embarked on an Alaskan Glacier Cruise only to be infected by the COVID-19 Virus! I would reconsider taking any cruise for at least another year! Enjoy the images!

21 JUNE 2022 - THE SCORCHING SUMMER SOLSTICE. Since 29MAY2022, this station (NWS COOP Station GRANITEVILLE 1.2 NE) has received 0.03 inches liquid precipitation, which is -5.40 inches below normal. Year-to date rainfall is 18.75 inches, which is -6.87 inches below normal. Diurnal maximum and minimum temperature records were broken at the station on 11JUN, 12,JUN, 13JUN, 14JUN, 16JUN and 17JUN2022, this past week. Local conditions at this station have become MODERATELY DRY. The color of my lawns have change from light green to light brown patches. Irrigating has made me best friends with my water utility. This station has observed thunderstorms in the vicinity with only a TRACE rainfall measured on the morning of 17JUN2022. Please join me in praying for rain!

28 JUNE 2022 - A big "shout-out" to Messrs. Doug Anderson OPL, Leonard Vaughn and the Summer Intern Meteorologists from the National Weather Service, Weather Forecast Office at Columbia, South Carolina (WFO KCAE) for installation of the "old-school" Pan Water Evaporation Instrumentation at NWS COOP Station GRANITEVILLE 1.2 NE earlier today. Starting Thursday morning 30 JUNE 2022, at 0700 hours EDT, I will commence measuring and recording Evaporation, Wind Run from Totalizing Anemometer and Pan Water Temperature. Thank You for the honor in serving as a National Weather Service Cooperative Observer!

28 - 29 JUNE 2022 - Due to a cold frontal system that became stationary in the CSRA Region, this station received well needed rainfall. As of 2100 hours ZULU (1700 EDT), a storm total rainfall of 1.49 inches has been recorded, which is still -3.94 inches below normal for the month. LOCAL CONDITIONS have slightly rebounded to MILDLY DRY.

19 JULY 2022 - The typical summer-time pattern has settled in the CSRA for the first two weeks of July. Rainfall for the month = 6.51 inches which is +0.89 inches above normal. Year-to-date rainfall = 25.23 inches which is -6.01 inches below normal (through 1 AUGUST 2022).